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Mark Ups : Special Allowances Do Not Exceed 2%!

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The seven commodities are no longer subsidised. The state has already paid Rs 4.8 billion since July 2012 and will not be able to pay any more! The 20-25% mark-up took effect on Friday, July 1st Traders have received a communiqué from the Ministry of Commerce outlining the mark ups on twelve specific products and specifying the percentage of the Special Allowance of 1 and 2% on each. They will cover pilchards, sardines, canned tomatoes, oil, cheese, milk, margarine, dried grains, cereals, pasta, baby food and nappies. So far, no shortages have been reported, despite the panic buying of the last few days. The next supply of these 234 brands of products at near-normal prices is likely to be a big one!

Here is the list:

Mark Up Prices

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