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Smatch From STC : 400,000 Litres For New Batch

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Having been able to supply 380,000 litres of Smatch edible oil at a cost of Rs 75 from 05 August to 19 August, the State Trading Corporation (STC) is promising a second batch of 400,000 litres as from next week. This is a public commitment by STC’s director, Rajiv Servansingh.

This brand of edible oil by STC is subsidized by Rs 25 by the Government. Limited to only 2 units per person per purchase in early August, Moroil was selected in the tender following the delay in the shipment ordered from India of 500 tonnes already bottled. The STC had then purchased one million litres of oil from the Moroil supplier.

Rajiv Servansingh

Most of the supermarkets in the country will get a new consignment of Smatch cooking oil, starting this week, which will still be sold at Rs 75,” said Rajiv Servansingh, the managing director of STC, whose commitment is to place 400,000 litres of edible oil per month.

Milk Powder and Pulses

He made the statement on Wednesday 24 August, at a training session on Wheat Flour – From Preparation to Bakery. During his statement, he also mentioned the supply of 300 tonnes of milk powder from New Zealand by early September. This milk powder, which will be marketed under the Smatch brand, will also be subsidized as well as dry grains, namely ‘Gros Pois’ from Madagascar. Gros Pois is in the process of shortage and price rise, but this was denied by Rajiv Servansingh. He also hinted that the STC will import red and white beans from Madagascar in October. He said that the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd (NAFED) has signed an agreement in June 2022 for the supply of Dholl Gram. These products will also be marketed under the Smatch brand and will be subsidized by the government.

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