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Man City Charged By Premier League For Numerous Alleged Breaches Of Financial Rules

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During nine seasons, Manchester City was accused by the Premier League of several alleged financial rule violations more than 100 times.

The accusations against the defending champions center on revenue-related financial information, manager and player compensation information, UEFA rules, profitability and sustainability, and cooperation with Premier League investigations.

A statement from the league said alleged breaches were committed from September 2009 to to the 2017-18 season and will now be referred to an independent commission.

An impartial panel will now review the alleged transgressions, which the league claims were committed between September 2009 and the 2017–18 season. The team is accused of breaking league regulations that provide for the transmission of “correct financial information that gives a truthful and fair perspective of the club’s financial status” in “the utmost good faith.”

Regarding the seasons 2009–10 to 2012–13 inclusive, the second set of alleged violations is connected to the requirement that “a member club shall include full details of manager salary in its applicable contracts with its manager.”

Between December 2009 and May 2013, Roberto Mancini, the current manager of Italy, managed the club.

The second set of alleged violations likewise pertains to the clubs’ obligations to include complete information on player compensation in the applicable contracts for the seasons 2010–11 to 2015–16, inclusive.

Man City might face a variety of penalties, including expulsion or a reduction in points, should they be proven guilty, though the process could take years to complete.

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