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‘Linite Militant’ Held Its First Gathering Without The ML

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Steven Obeegadoo announced the formation of Linite Militant, a militant movement uniting the Mouvement Patriotique Mauricien (MPM) and his Militant Platform. This event took place on March 2nd, in Belle-Rose, coinciding with Women’s Day. Steeven Obeegadoo explained the absence of Ivan Collendavelloo from this alliance, stating that they respected the concerns of their ML comrades who felt the timing was not right to join such an action. Obeegadoo emphasized that the door remains open for ML and MMM members, expressing continued respect for their friends within the governmental alliance.

formation of Linite Militant

Steve Obeegadoo explained the reasons behind this coalition between his political platform and that of Alan Ganoo. Continuing his speech, the leader of the Plateforme Militante warned the population of the dangers we all run dangers we all face if the MMM/PTr alliance wins the next legislative elections.

MMM/PTr alliance at the next legislative elections. “If this alliance wins the next elections, there will be political instability in the country. This alliance is unnatural and will not last long”, he fulminates. “One dead, 4 injured. The police are still on the scene.”

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