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Lecture Of Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Former Vice Chairman Of Niti Aayog, Government Of India

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Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd. In association with SBI (Mauritius) Ltd. hosted a lecture by the eminent economist Dr. Rajiv Kumar, former Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog, Government of India. The lecture was held on Saturday 22nd July, 2023 at the conference centre of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd..

Dr. Rajiv Kumar has wide experience of having worked in government, academia, industry associations, as well as in international financial institutions. He also served as an independent director on the central boards of the Reserve Bank of India and the State Bank of India.

Lecture by Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Former Vice Chairman Of Niti Aayog

The subject of the lecture was “Resurgent India – Ideas, Priorities and Exploding Aspirations”.

Dr. Kumar spoke about two Indias , India that is well developed and growing at a fast pace and an other India, which he called Bharat, which has to catch up fast. He was very optimistic about India’s future and felt that most problems could be resolved if a growth rate of about 9.5% per annum could be achieved. This, in his opinion, was achievable.

Seshadri Jayasankar

Mr. Seshadri Jayasankar, Director of Campus Abroad, Mr. Ramduth Jaddoo, former Minister and Mr. Somnath Adhya, MD and CEO of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd.  also spoke on the occasion.

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