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Labour Legal Team Wants To Meet The Electoral Commissioner

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In St Pierre yesterday, the PTr leader has announced that he had made a phone call to Irfan Rahman this week to ask for an appointment. He and the PTr legal team want to meet the Electoral Commissioner about the next general elections. “A lot of things have been going on behind his back,” he said. Navin Ramgoolam insisted that there should not be any Computer Room. It was from there that the elections have been rigged, he said. He also insisted that the counting of votes should be done on elections day. He also said that it is unacceptable that Bangladeshis can vote in Mauritius and that Mauritians staying abroad cannot do so. He also said that « the days of Pravind Jugnauth are numbered ». He added that he was Prime Minister for 14 years. « I don’t have to be the Prime Minister again. But the country has to be put right. It takes a strong hand to do it. I am the only one who can do it », he concluded.

PTr in St Pierre

Labour Party calls for contributions

In St Pierre yesterday, he congratulated Suren Dayal for resisting government’s attempts to make him change sides. He also said that Suren Dayal spent a lot of money on his election petition. He added that he helped the latter as the Labour party will do. Then, Navin Ramgoolam made an appeal for contributions from those who can afford it. “It costs a lot to go to the Privy Council. Make a small contribution,” he said.

PTr in St Pierre PTr in St Pierre

Ramgoolam will pay Nishal Joyram a visit

In St Pierre on Friday, the leader of the Labour Party announced that he will soon pay Nishal Joyram a visit. The teacher is on his fourth day of hunger strike. “He is right. The poorest class is suffering a lot as is the middle class,” he said in his speech. Navin Ramgoolam said the Bank of Mauritius is on its knees. He accused government of putting the country further into debt. “The tram will go to Cote d’Or, where there are no people. It is a good place to build a prison,” he said.

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