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Jake Hansley Royal: Glitter Powder In Your Eyes

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On social networks, he is known as Jake Hansley Royal. If his popularity is growing, it’s because the 28 year old has a proven talent for glitter painting. His brush only paints local artists.

Roby Seerunghen – aka Jake Hansley Royal – studied art during his student years. But it wasn’t until last year that he made a name for himself with his glitter paintings: “I wanted to try my hand at glitter painting. The technique consists of making paintings with glitter powder and glue. I didn’t expect people to like my creations when I started posting them on social networks.

Jake Hansley Royal
The artist does not intend to stop there.

Building on his success, the artist has continued to grow with one rule – to always paint local artists: “I believe in valuing local artists. That’s why I paint them. So far I have painted Madi Madi, Blakkayo, Désiré François, Lin, Kaya and JSB Morgning Game.

For a possible exhibition, Jake is still making a few paintings: “It’s still too early to talk about an exhibition. I want to build up my collection before I exhibit my work. For the time being, I’m content to customise the works according to my clients’ wishes.

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