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“It Is Certainly Not The Press Or L’Express That Will Divert My Attention” Says PM

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Clearly, the Prime Minister does not want to get influenced by the denunciations and the campaign against him. Up to no good, he hammers the press group of La Sentinelle namely L’Express newspaper, the Opposition and his detractors carrying the banner ‘Bour Li Deor’ (BLD), calling them unpatriotic in their approaches. He stated that he is reassured about the management of the pandemic and the reopening of borders.

Jeopardising the reopening?

inauguration of the Fly-over in Pont Fer, Phoenix

This Saturday afternoon, he was at the inauguration of the Fly-over in Pont Fer, Phoenix. The intention was to acclaim this “progress” at the cost of Rs 759 million which started in April 2018. This new viaduct of 315 m long built over the existing M1 highway will greatly contribute to improve mobility and decongest traffic at the Pont Fer traffic circle. But responding to questions from the press, which clearly disturbed him, he said, “they are attacking the country with fake news. By saying that Mauritius is in a chaotic situation with no more room in the hospitals and in the cemeteries, they are attacking the country. Better still, l’Express is also a correspondent for a foreign media,” said an angry Pravind Jugnauth. And to continue with his other detractors, he said “it is not the press or l’Express that will divert my attention. I have no responsibility towards the press,  l’Express and those who are in the Opposition nor to those whose slogan is BLD. My responsibility is to the people… those who brought us to power and even those who did not vote for us! In three years, we will present our balance sheet.

inauguration of the Fly-over in Pont Fer, Phoenix


In brief, he accuses this newspaper, some members of the opposition and small groups carrying the slogan BLD to conduct a systematic campaign and unpatriotic country. Regarding the management of the pandemic, the PM said that “many people have been vaccinated before the opening. People did not believe in the demagogy of the opposition. This press group makes it clear that nothing is good for the country, but I do not take them into consideration. I have a mission to do,” he said. On the issue of the opening of the borders, the PM stated that “the WHO recognizes the positive efforts of Mauritius. We also work with the private sector, and we have put in place a protocol to ensure public health“.

FAFT, The PM considers his detractors against the improvement of the country

Pointing out the conspiracy plan of some to prevent Mauritius from getting out of the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force, he said he was satisfied with the meeting that the representatives of the FATF had in the country. He returned to the charge against the newspaper l’Express “with the involvement of some members of the opposition, this group wants to make believe that nothing has been done in the country to get the country out of the grey list. It should be noted that the financial sector is a very important sector in the country,” he said. The FATF will have to submit a report to a plenary session following their mission to Mauritius.

Despite all that is poured out against the entire opposition, he is sympathetic to the state of health of Dr. Navin Ramgoolam, “There is no politics when it comes to health, I am not in direct contact with him but I take his news. I wish him a speedy recovery,” he said.

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