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International Space Station: Astronauts Experience Sunrise and Sunset ‘Every 45 Minutes’

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International Space Station astronauts – Akihiko Hoshide of Japan and Thomas Pesquest from France interacted with social media users at the behest of NASA. The astronauts spoke about their spacewalk experience besides other things.

During the interaction, the astronauts were asked questions about whether they experienced any difference in the temperature of their spacesuits. The International Space Station (ISS) had a comeback that amazed all social media users across the globe. “The spacewalkers experience a sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes and @cquantumspin asks if they feel temperature differences in their suits. #AskNASA”, was the response given by ISS.

Another NASA expert confirmed the same. The expert further clarified that the temperature varies around negative 250 degrees Fahrenheit both during sunrise and sunset. Yet, the astronauts do not realize the temperature differences in their suits owing to the cooling garments and multiple layers of protection in-built into their suits keeping them resistant to the temperature variants.

NASA to scale up energy plants

Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquest were on a routine mission to install a support bracket to secure the station’s third new solar array. The solar array is expected to be commissioned in the future.

NASA’s vision of commercializing the space station is accompanied by increased energy demand. With this advancement, the team is working on upgrading six among eight of the power plants which will help secure abundant power supply for the space station.

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