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Incidents At La Citadelle: Local Artists Outraged!

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Incidents at the Gran Konser solidarity event held at La Citadelle on Saturday, October 21, have outraged the local artist community. They say they are no longer safe on stage.

Hénry Rotile

Murvin Clélie from The Prophecy, who was on stage at the time of the incidents, says he doesn’t understand what happened at the concert: “I was on stage when several people came up to the podium. They said, ‘How can we hold a concert like this when there’s a war going on in Palestine? The next thing I knew, they were smashing up instruments. My guitar, which has sentimental value for me, was also damaged. I don’t understand what happened, when all I was doing was singing to raise money for a solidarity concert. I feel safer on stage.”

For Mr Love, the incidents at La Citadelle are unacceptable: “I would never have believed this possible in Mauritius. I’m deeply saddened by what has happened, especially as it has been traumatic for the people who were there. As for me, I’m going to take a stand to ensure that this never happens again.”

In a video posted on her social networks, MP Sandra Mayotte – also an artist – explains in a firm tone: “Mauritius is a paradise. We mustn’t import sad and dramatic situations from elsewhere into our country and then express anger and frustration at the Mauritian people. I appeal for peace to reign in Mauritius”.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by La Isla Social Club, co-organizers with Attitudes Hotels, the management stresses: “The presence of our security service inside La Citadelle has prevented the situation from escalating any further. There’s no place for hatred and violence at our events. Just love and sharing. We are aware of the trauma this may have caused you, the public and artists, who came with family and friends to celebrate music and solidarity for the 15th anniversary of Attitude Hotels. Let’s stick together.”

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