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In Roche-Bois: Brinks Vigilante Actively Sought By ADSU After Seizure Of Rs 360 Million Of Drugs

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Heroin, hashish, methamphetamine and synthetic drugs, all weighing 24.7 kilos were seized from an unoccupied house at Cemetery Road, Roche-Bois on Sunday, February 26. It was the brother of the owner of this house who made this strange discovery. On that day, this 47-year-old listener, living in the village of Saint-Pierre, accompanied by his wife and one of his nephews who lives on Cemetery Road, Roche-Bois were making a routine visit to the house of his sister who lives abroad. At one point, he came across four plastic bags containing drugs. His nephew, Sormar Kanden Neeladoo, employed as a security guard at the Brinks security company, had to grab one of the bags before running away. This man, aged about 30 years, is actively sought by police officers of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu).

Drugs Seized in Roche-Bois

It was around 13 hours that this resident of Saint-Pierre had arrived at the home of his sister at Route Cimetière, Roche-Bois. After going inside, he checked a closet in the living room and found four plastic parcels. Immediately, he alerted the Abercrombie, St. Croix police station. He suspected that these plots might contain drugs. Suddenly, Sormar Kanden Neeladoo had to seize one of these plots to escape. Shortly after, two policemen from the Emergency Response Service (ERS) arrived on the scene. He had to report the whole affair to these policemen. They searched the closet and found more plastic bags on the left.

Drugs Seized in Roche-Bois

The Adsu Operation Room, which was alerted to the case, quickly dispatched Inspector Jauforally’s team based at District Headquarters in Abercrombie. An hour later, around 2:30 p.m., a team of police technicians arrived at the home. They examined a door in the back through which the intruders entered this house and also examined the exhibits and searched for prints. For almost half an hour, the police photographer and draftsman took pictures and measurements inside and outside this house.

After their departure at 3:40 p.m. on Sunday, February 26, these bags of drugs were loaded into Adsu vehicles and under heavy police escort, they were taken to Adsu headquarters at the Central Barracks.

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