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Horse Racing – Meeting 26: Rob Roy Unstoppable Over 990m

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He won The Lightning Cup (990m – GII) and he confirmed that he is the best sprinter by winning easily again over the shortest trip ran at the Champ-de-mars racecourse. Rob Roy jumped quickly out of his first gate to take the lead easily in the feature race of Saturday. Once in front he was never caught. Rob Roy sustained his effort in the final straight to win easily with leading jockey Dinesh Sooful scoring his hat-trick of the day. Marauding, the record holder over 1450 meters did very well finishing second.

Race 7 – 990m – 50+

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 3 ROB ROY V.ALLET B.Sooful 0m55.17 0.00
2 2 MARAUDING GUJADHUR S.Rama 0m55.44 1.75
3 6 AL BRAGGA GUJADHUR T.Juglall 0m55.63 2.90
4 1 HORSE GUARDS C.DABY M.Sonaram 0m55.81 4.05
5 4 VAR AND AWAY S.NARANG R.Beeharry 0m56.04 5.50
6 7 CREATION S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 0m56.24 6.75
7 5 WE LIGHT THE FIRE C.RAMDIN P.K.Horil 0m56.35 7.40

Race 1- 1400m – (0-15)

First win for Sarah’s Secret

He was knocking at the door, and he finally won his first race in Mauritius. Sarah’s Secret was ridden to perfection by Mauritian jockey Pravesh Kumar Horil. He followed the leader, Artic Flyer, and waited for the final straight to produce his effort. Sarah’s Secret drew clear easily to win in front of New Golden Age who made a strong late run.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 8 SARAH’S SECRET C.RAMDIN P.K.Horil 1m24.89 0.00
2 7 NEW GOLDEN AGE A.PERDRAU K.Ramsamy 1m25.22 1.90
3 1 WHAT A KID R.GUJADHUR J.Allyhosain 1m25.61 4.30
4 4 HIT THE GREEN R.MAINGARD P.C.Orffer 1m25.68 4.60
5 6 GREATFIVEEIGHT C.DABY S.Rama 1m26.44 8.95
6 3 ARCTIC FLYER S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 1m26.58 9.80
7 5 NORTHERN REBEL J.M.HENRY B.Sooful 1m26.93 11.80

Race 2 – 1650m – (B31)

Stageworld from pillar to post

Mauritian jockey Akash Aucharuz took the good decision to take the lead with Stageworld. He relaxed his horse nicely in front and Stageworld was full of running before entering the final straight. The Alain Perdrau-trained horse proved to be too good for his rivals as he held on to win his second race in a row easily.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 3 STAGEWORLD A.PERDRAU G.D.Aucharuz 1m41.15 0.00
2 4 EUROTEC R.MAINGARD P.C.Orffer 1m41.30 0.90
3 2 ROMANUS GUJADHUR S.Bussunt 1m41.44 1.70
4 5 FREE TO WIN S.HURCHUND I.Santana 1m41.65 2.90
5 6 GRAND VISION GUJADHUR B.Sooful 1m41.70 3.20
6 8 OVERDOSE A.SEWDYAL S.Rama 1m41.89 4.30
7 1 STAR OF ZEUS P.MERVEN A.Roy 1m42.12 5.65
8 7 QUEST FOR GOOD A.PERDRAU K.Ramsamy 1m42.36 7.00

Race 3 – 990m – B46

Go Jewel strikes back

Go Jewel’s winning streak was stopped when he was beaten by Captain Garett last time. Go Jewel was ridden again by Dinesh Sooful who won with him on his debut in Mauritius. Sooful did a great job to find a good position on the rails after breaking from a bad draw. Go Jewel proved to be the best finisher. He won his fifth race this season easily.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 8 GO JEWEL V.ALLET B.Sooful 0m55.89 0.00
2 9 NINOTTO R.GUJADHUR A.Roy 0m56.07 1.05
3 3 CAPTAINOFTHESEA R.GUJADHUR K.Ramsamy 0m56.11 1.30
4 4 MAC ‘N SCAR S.HURCHUND I.Santana 0m56.20 1.80
5 6 SENATLA C.RAMDIN P.Mogun 0m56.61 4.15
6 7 NEVIL MU G.ROUSSET N.Teeha 0m57.12 7.10
7 2 JUNIPER LANE S.MAHADIA J.Allyhosain 0m57.13 7.15
8 10 WAIMEA J.M.HENRY R.K.Chumun 0m57.19 7.50
9 1 HENRY TUDOR C.DABY M.Sonaram 0m58.61 15.75

Race 4 – 1650m – B51

Duke’s Domain strkes again

Mauritian jockey Dinesh Sooful did it again with Duke’s Domain. He started well and he placed his horse on the rails just behind the leader Colour My Fate. Sooful waited for the final straight to put the pressure on Duke’s Domain. His horse responded well and he overtook Colour My Fate easily to win his second race this year. Lemon Drop Shot finished strongly taking the second place in front of the favourite Colour My Fate.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 7 DUKE’S DOMAIN R.GUJADHUR B.Sooful 1m41.00 0.00
2 9 LEMON DROP SHOT A.PERDRAU G.D.Aucharuz 1m41.02 0.10
3 1 COLOUR MY FATE A.SEWDYAL S.Rama 1m41.17 0.95
4 4 SEA DANCE C.DABY M.Sonaram 1m41.57 3.15
5 2 ARABIAN AIR C.RAMDIN P.K.Horil 1m41.60 3.35
6 6 CYBER SPECIAL G.ROUSSET A.Roy 1m41.65 3.60
7 5 CULTURE TRIP S.NARANG D.Bheekary 1m41.95 5.25
8 3 DOUBLE THE FUN GUJADHUR K.Ramsamy 1m42.01 5.60
9 8 ROCK THE NIGHT S.MAHADIA J.Allyhosain 1m43.69 15.00

Race 5 – 1365m – B41

Strong finish for Bless My Path

Bless My Path finished strongly in the last 100m to secure his first win in Mauritius. Mauritian jockey Roby Bheekary raced Bless My Path in the middle of the field. He waited patiently for the last 200m to use his horse’s great finish. Bless My Path flew in to win his first race. Captain Garett just held on to finish second in front of Alaskan Night.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 3 BLESS MY PATH C.DABY D.Bheekary 1m21.79 0.00
2 1 CAPTAIN GARETT G.ROUSSET B.Sooful 1m21.88 0.55
3 2 ALASKAN NIGHT A.SEWDYAL S.Rama 1m21.88 0.60
4 6 BOLD PHOENIX S.JONES A.Roy 1m22.12 2.10
5 4 JAYS DANCER S.MAHADIA P.K.Horil 1m22.68 5.60
6 5 SOUL CONNECTION S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 1m23.08 8.15
7 7 CLOUDED HILL J.M.HENRY K.Ramsamy 1m23.10 8.30

Race 6 – 1450m – B56

Five in a row for Walls Of Dubrovnik

Walls Of Dubrovnik was the hottest favourite of the day. He was right there. Walls Of Dubrovnik raced from the back of the field. Jockey Ivaldo Satana made his move at the 400m mark. Walls Of Dubrovnik finished strongly to catch Tower Of Wisdom at half way in the final straight. Santana did not ask more from his horse who won his fifth race and remain unbeaten in Mauritius.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 8 WALLS OF DUBROVNIK S.HURCHUND I.Santana 1m27.74 0.00
2 2 TOWER OF WISDOM G.ROUSSET A.Roy 1m27.79 0.30
3 4 SEATTLE KID C.DABY S.Rama 1m28.10 2.25
4 5 YOUR PACE OR MINE S.NARANG D.Bheekary 1m28.13 2.50
5 1 IDEAL SECRET R.MAINGARD P.C.Orffer 1m28.18 2.80
6 6 WAVE GUJADHUR S.Bussunt 1m28.19 2.85
7 7 POP ICON S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 1m28.30 3.50
8 9 THE IT FACTOR S.MAHADIA B.Sooful 1m28.83 6.90
9 3 NOIR’S BOY S.JONES N.Teeha 1m30.05 15.00

Race 8 – 1365m – (B41)

Emblem Of Hope too good for Thomas Henry

Emblem Of Hope remained unbeaten in three starts. The stable companion of Walls Of Dubrovnik was very quick out of the gates and he took the lead easily. It was a winning move from jockey Ivaldo Santana. Emblem Of Hope drew clear easily in the final straight passing the finish line with 3.70L clear in front of Thomas Henry.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 7 EMBLEM OF HOPE S.HURCHUND I.Santana 1m21.72 0.00
2 4 THOMAS HENRY GUJADHUR B.Sooful 1m22.34 3.70
3 1 JET STREAM A.SEWDYAL S.Rama 1m22.51 4.75
4 3 ALAMEERY S.JONES A.Roy 1m22.55 5.00
5 2 STEAK AND ALE G.ROUSSET N.Teeha 1m22.86 6.85
6 5 DARK FORCE R.MAINGARD P.C.Orffer 1m23.20 8.95
7 6 CAPTAINS FORT S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 1m33.02 88.88

Race 9 – 1650m – (0-25)

Al Madhar breaks the ice

Highly rated when he was bought, Al Madhar had his health problems and he is back to his best. He was just an outsider on Saturday and he came from the back to win easily. Jockey Nishal Teeha waited for the gap to open in the last 200m and Al Madhar produced a sparkling turn of foot to put his rivals to the sword in a few strides. It might be the first of many wins to come for Al Madhar.

R No. Horse Stable Jockey Time Margin
1 2 AL MADHAR G.ROUSSET N.Teeha 1m41.92 0.00
2 3 GONTRAVELIN C.RAMDIN P.K.Horil 1m42.40 2.60
3 6 ALSSAKHRA GUJADHUR K.Ramsamy 1m42.57 3.55
4 9 BETATHANTHEREST S.JONES T.Juglall 1m42.65 4.00
5 8 SUPREME ELEVATION J.M.HENRY B.Sooful 1m42.80 4.75
6 7 EAGLES VISION S.P. NAGADOO R.Vaibhav 1m43.09 6.30
7 5 SILVER SONG C.DABY S.Rama 1m43.26 7.25
8 1 MIDDLE PATH R.GUJADHUR J.Allyhosain 1m43.50 8.55
9 10 BROOKLYN’S CHOICE S.HURCHUND I.Santana 1m43.95 11.00
10 4 ITALIAN WAY V.ALLET A.Roy 1m44.03 11.55
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