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Her Lover Forced Her To Swallow An Abortion Pill

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Between 2020 and 2022 her relationship was on the rocks. The 37-year-old administrative assistant had begun an extramarital relationship.  Between July and October 2022, she and the man became closer and began to have sexual relations. When she took a pregnancy test on 11 November 2022, she discovered that she was pregnant. After sharing this news with her lover, he advised her to have an abortion. She refused this request. The 29-year-old man, who lives in Loïc lane, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge, advised her to go to a gynaecologist for a check-up. But on leaving the doctor’s office, he forced her to swallow an abortion pill that the doctor gave her.

The woman, who lives in the south of the country, went to the Central Barracks police station to report a case of abortion on the afternoon of Friday 31 March. In her complaint, made in the presence of her lawyer, Sonali Doolooa, she began by giving her family history. She has been married since 2004 and has four children aged between 5 and 18 years. From 2020 to 2022 her relationship as a couple had deteriorated considerably. She and her husband were living apart.

On 30 May 2022, she says she met this resident of Le Hochet who works for a private company. They had engaged in an extramarital relationship. Between July and October 2022, they had become closer. They began to have sexual relations. On 11 November of the same year she took a pregnancy test and the result was positive. The thirty-year-old said she told the man and a colleague at work the same day.

On 12 November 2022, while he was at work, the man came to meet her and asked her to terminate the pregnancy, which she categorically refused. On Thursday 1 December he came to see her again at her office. This time he suggested that his lover go to a gynaecologist for a check-up. The next day, Friday 2 December, the man came to pick her up in a car driven by one of his friends to take her to Plaine-Verte. After the gynaecologist had performed an ultra sound on her, he confirmed that she was eight weeks pregnant. Her lover then told the doctor that he wanted the baby aborted. This doctor then gave her lover a Cytotec tablet and also prescribed antibiotics for a week and another tablet to be taken in case there were complications after she had taken the Cytotec.

Immediately he said he informed this doctor and her lover that she was not planning to have an abortion. Nevertheless, her lover had made a payment of Rs 3500 to this gynaecologist and had taken this Cytotec tablet. On leaving the doctor’s office, her lover had forcibly grabbed her right hand and forced her to swallow the tablet. In the early hours of 3 December 2022, she started bleeding. She says she contacted this gynaecologist to inform him of the situation. She was advised to go to his medical practice. On 8 December, her lover’s friend came to pick her up and take her to the gynaecologist’s surgery in Plaine Verte. When she arrived, her lover was already there. After performing an ultra sound on her, the doctor advised her to have a curettage.

On 11 December 2022, while she was at home, she felt an excruciating pain in her lower abdomen and began to bleed profusely.

This case was referred to the Plaine Verte police station, as the gynaecologist’s practice is located in this locality.

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