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He Is Burned In The Face With Boiling Water

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After a night out at a bar in Grand Bay, a 28-year-old Quatreborn man ended up in the Burns’ Unit of the Intensive Care Unit of Victoria Hospital, Candos with severe burns to his face early Saturday evening, April 29. After an individual attempted to assault him with a rubber stick, he was sprayed in the face with boiling water.

It was at his bedside at the Candos hospital that a police officer from the Grand Bay police station recorded his statement on Sunday evening, April 30. In his complaint, the man, who works as a fisheries observer, explained that he went to a bar on Route Royale in Grand Bay at around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 29, in the company of a friend.

At one point an unknown person tried to assault him with a rubber stick. But he said he was able to dodge it, at the same time he felt a burning heat in his face. Boiling water was thrown in his face. He said he did not know where the water came from. He lost consciousness, when he came to his senses his friend took him to his apartment and then he was taken to a clinic in Grand Bay.

After he was treated, he was referred to the Burns’ Unit at Candos Hospital. With severe burns to his face and neck he was admitted to a ward in the intensive care unit. An investigation was initiated at the Grand Bay Police Station to locate his alleged attackers.

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