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Have You Heard Of These Six Haunted Places In Mauritius?

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#1 The Haunted Mansion Of Curepipe

The Haunted Mansion Of Curepipe

Found in the depth of Eau Coulée an abandoned house has quite left its mark on the neighbourhood. This colonial style house belonged to a French family that moved out of the house and left it to be deserted. Broken windows and tiles as well as dirty scratched paint make up the mansion. Weird messages can also be found written on the walls, making the place even creepier. People have reported seeing children playing in the garden and hearing voices inside the house from time to time. People have also mentioned hearing the furniture moving inside in the middle of the night.

#2 The Ruins Of Bergeraz Hotel

The Ruins Of Bergeraz Hotel

This hotel is known as the Albion castle. Found in the Belle Vue Phare at the top of the Pointe-aux-Caves cliffs, it was the dream project of the Beerjeeraz family that unfortunately failed. Built in 1975, the hotel that used to accommodate around 200 rooms, lies in ruins covered with dense bushes. People from the area know this place to be a refuge for brigands. It is said that usual sounds are heard over there at night.

#3 Béchard Lane Nightmare

Béchard Lane Nightmare

It’s the 27th of August 2004 when the police raided a house in Béchard Lane in Saint Paul. While being there they made the morbid discovery of 10 bodies in the state of decomposition. The youngest body found was of a 10-year-old and the eldest of a 65-year-old. The evidence uncovered in the house suggested the idea of a collective suicide, with traces of cyanide poisoning established on the cadavers. One suicide was also reported to be found but the rest stays a mystery. Weird noises of people crying have been reported from the place.

#4 The Dark Tales Of Mont Roches

The Dark Tales Of Mont Roches

A broken window and walls painted black – this house in Mont Roches was subject to creepy stories from the individuals living in the area. Any tenants that lived in this house always left as soon as they came through the door. One day a couple decided to go into the house, since then screams and shouts of children were being heard but no one in the neighbourhood ever saw a glimpse of the children. This situation was alerted to the Family Protection Unit and the police who searched the place and discovered two young men, with one of them tied to a piece of furniture.

#5 La Tour Koenig (The Koenig Tower)

La Tour Koenig (The Koenig Tower)

This abandoned tower was once the home of a family that encountered a mysterious death. From that situation on, the family deserted the castle leaving the remnants to be infested with spooky vibes. The creepiest part of this would be the pitch-black room under the castle that remains questionable and disturbing.

#6 Haunted Police Station

Haunted Police Station

A police station in Brisée-Verdière requested religious rituals to get rid of paranormal happenings in their place of work. The policemen on duty have noticed unusual appearances and ghost-like characters going about the building at night. CCTV cameras were used to see the occurrences and they found the spectral presence of a white silhouette with no feet going towards a tree. After that, a big religious praying ceremony, with priests from different religions, was organised to dispose off the supernatural spirits. This two-hour service happened at the back of the police station.

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