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Five Houses Illegally Supplied With Electricity In Ti-Rodrigues, Cité La Cure

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A woman engineer at the Central Electricity Board (CEB) reported a case of fraud against this agency at the Abercrombie Police Station, St. Croix on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 5. A raid by CEB technicians on the morning of the same day revealed that at least five houses were illegally connected to the CEB’s electrical network on Sir Robert Scott Street, Cité La Cure, more precisely in Ti-Rodrigues. For the time being, the amount of this fraud has not yet been established.

It is an investigation carried out by technicians of the CEB this Wednesday morning of April 5 around 11 am that allowed to detect this case of electricity theft. It was found that several wires, 2 x 16 service line and 2 x 35 twisted were used to supply this area of Ti-Rodrigues illegally in electricity supply.

The equipment used is the property of the CEB. Several pieces of wood were attached to the CEB and My.T pylons to serve as ladders. A test carried out by the CEB technicians on the spot made it possible to evaluate that 40 amperes of electricity were distributed illegally in this part of Ti-Rodrigues.

The amount of this fraud has not yet been accounted for at the CEB level. The investigation in this case was entrusted to the men of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police of the Northern Division.

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