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First Graduation Ceremony Of Polytechnics Mauritius In The Presence Of Prime Minister Jugnauth

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A cohort of 371 graduates who have successfully completed their respective programmes at Polytechnics Mauritius, received today, their diploma/degree certificates in presence of the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, during the graduation ceremony held at the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex. The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, as well as other eminent personalities were present on the occasion.

The students graduated in various fields including Health Sciences and Nursing, IT and Emerging Technologies, and, Tourism and Hospitality.

In his address, Prime Minister Jugnauth congratulated the new graduates and their family as well as the management and staff of the institution who have helped them all along their journey. He underlined the hard work, efforts, and resilience of the graduates during their learning journey despite the prevalence of COVID-19 related challenges.

Polytechnics Mauritius Graduates

He also dwelt on the setting up of Polytechnics Mauritius which was made in accordance with the need of technical skills and the objective of bridging the gap between education and employability. We aimed at establishing a system that equips learners with innovative cutting-edge knowledge, and technical skills for increased competence in a dynamic work environment, pointed out Mr Jugnauth.

It was important to ensure that all our youths would possess transferable knowledge and skills to take on different types of work throughout their careers, he asserted. According to the Prime Minister, this policy will solve the problem of manpower shortage at middle management level and meet the needs of the country in terms of senior technician posts.

Besides , Mr Jugnauth stressed that the educational reform has introduced high quality technical education and highlighted that the ongoing reform caters for multiple intelligences. He lauded Polytechnics Mauritius as a forward-looking institution that prepares lifelong learners to be industry-ready and life-ready.

Polytechnics Mauritius Graduates
Polytechnics Mauritius Graduates

Prime Minister Jugnauth reiterated Government’s commitment to rebrand technical education and changing the public’s perceptions so that more students take up skill courses with good career prospects. As youngsters you should be open to change, constantly seek new avenues, be bold, agile and flexible, to tap into the opportunities that lie ahead, he advised.

In his concluding remarks, the Prime Minister called upon the graduates as industry-focused professionals, forward-looking and innovative leaders, to contribute to the transformation of Mauritius into a high-income economy.

VPM Dookun-Luchoomun, on her part, congratulated the graduates for their tenacity and resilience displayed during their journey. She remarked that they have ended one cycle to start another one as the diploma and degrees being awarded is the laying of foundation for work life.

More young Graduates
Polytechnics Mauritius Graduates

Furthermore, she observed that work life is a continuous process of learning, and emphasised that success will be essentially determined how fast we are able to learn, unlearn and relearn. My Ministry, she added, has been working on creating and facilitating pathways that allow for entry, exit and re-entry into the system so that no learner is left behind.

Mrs Dookun-Luchoomun also affirmed that the country needs responsive and responsible citizens, well-trained, entrepreneurial, and confident persons who are ready to contribute to the economy and serve society as well as build a culture of care and openness.

As for the CEO of Polytechnics Mauritius, Mr Yamal Matabudul, he underlined that the presence of the Prime Minister at the inaugural graduation ceremony sends a strong signal as to his commitment to the youth and his support to polytechnics education. He also expressed gratitude to the unflinching support and guidance of the VPM Dookun-Luchoomun.

Yamal Matabudul
CEO of Polytechnics Mauritius, Mr Yamal Matabudul

He emphasised that the institution is a story in the making by catering for higher technical education through industry-based diploma programmes, gainful and specialised field of careers, bridges and pathways to universities, technical and non-core and soft skills, and shaping students into skilled and productive senior technicians and humble and caring human beings.

In line with the vision of Government, we craft our programmes in priority with emerging sectors of the economy and we are emboldened by industry partners who see in our students their future pools of talents and mentor them accordingly, he stated.

Mr Matabudul also announced that the institution intends to specialise in marine, aviation smart agriculture, sports and coaching and robotics, amongst others.

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