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Eid Ul Adha 2021 Under Strict Conditions

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The government allows the celebration of the “Abraham’s Sacrifice” but only under conditions. Eid Ul Adha, scheduled for Wednesday, July 21, will have to be done in reduced numbers during the three days of commemoration. As announced by the National Communication Committee (NCC), the measures are stricter for those who are in the red zone.


It is a pious celebration that commemorates the Sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham. It is marked by a sacrifice of animals, oxen, sheep, or goats slaughtered by an Imam. Thus, it involves the purchase, transport and care of animals, the preparation of the place of slaughter that is done in the yards of various Muslim families where Muslims participate by taking a share, up to 7 of the sacrificed animals. In short, it requires the participation of everyone who generally amounts to a lot… Some yards slaughter more than one, and in these yards, there is already the family that resides there! The greatest sacrifice of this year would be the reduced number of participants and helping hands.

15 people max

Eid Ul Adha 2021 will be more tensed, reduced, and lesser festive. The NCC press conference was held at the Treasury Building in Port Louis in presence of the Minister of Health, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, and the DCP Jhugroo and the Dr Zouberr Joomye. Gatherings at the place of slaughter in the yard must consist of only 15 people, including members of the family of the court in question, the Imam and the butcher. Rallies will be strictly prohibited in the streets. DCP Jhugroo warned during the NCC press conference to this effect that teams will be deployed for surveillance and control patrols!

Special permit mandatory

Also allowed in the red zones, namely Plaine Verte, Cité Martial, Le Hochet-Terre Rouge, Vallée des Prêtres and Bois Chéri, the conditions will be many. No individual will be allowed to leave the red zones to collect the animals. Payment via bank transfer is motivated. If it will be in cash, it is requested to be done by a third party who could come and collect the money at the checkpoints. Regarding transport, the driver and helpers, no more than 5 people per truck will have to be provided with a special permit provided by the police from 18 to 22 July for three days of operation “It would be desirable that they are vaccinated beforehand because they will circulate in red zones. And if they are not, I ask them to go and get vaccinated in the centres across the island,” says Dr Zouberr Joomye. Truck drivers and helpers could be refused a licence or access to the places mentioned.

Fines and imprisonment

The NCC warns the Muslim community to proceed in accordance with strict health rules. Notice to rebels, the penalty of Rs 500, 000 fine and a prison sentence of 5 years is not to be ruled out.

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