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Eco-School Mouvement Pour Le Progrès De Roche Bois Has Benefitted Around 500 Children And Their Families, Since 1993

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The Vice-President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr Eddy Boissézon, effected a site visit, yesterday morning, at the eco-school Mouvement pour le Progrès de Roche Bois (MPRB), in Roche-Bois, to take cognisance of the environmentally friendly and educational activities performed under the Eco-Schools Programme.

Introduced by the Foundation for Environmental Education, the Eco-Schools Programme is run by the Reef Conservation in 180 schools across Mauritius to empower students to promote sustainability using an interactive and action-oriented learning approach.

Eco-School Mouvement Pour Le Progrès De Roche Bois

The President of MPRB, Mr Lindsay Morvan; the Director of Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network (ANFEN), Mr Koomaren Viken Vadeevaloo; Education Programme Manager of Reef Conservation, Mrs Lisa Tang Chong; representatives of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology and those of the MPRB, students and other personalities were on site to take cognizance of the numerous eco-responsible initiatives undertaken by the MPRB eco-school.

In his address, the Vice-President hailed the good will and commitment of the MPRB and Reef Conservation for equipping the youth of Roche Bois with the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive educationally and to advance eco-friendly practices for over 30 years. Such an accompaniment, Mr Boissézon affirmed, has been pivotal in moulding the youngsters into law-abiding and environmentally responsible citizens, and by extension, the overall development of Roche Bois. The continuous support of the personnel will also help Mauritius achieve the United Nations’ objective of poverty eradication, he further pointed out.

Eco-School Mouvement Pour Le Progrès De Roche Bois

Commending the Reef Conservation’s role of the Eco-Schools Programme, Vice-President Boissézon emphasised that the sea is the real richness of Mauritius. The non-utilisation of chemical substances in the plantation in the MPRB eco-school, he remarked, will help keep the rivers and the sea in the vicinity of Roche Bois clean.

For his part, Mr Morvan recalled how the establishment of the MPRB has benefitted around 500 children and their families, since 1993. There are currently 25 students aged 12 to 16 years old enrolled in the MPRB eco-school. Afterwards, these students will be channelled for placements to Beachcomber Hotels and ABC motors, Mr Morvan added.

Eco-School Mouvement Pour Le Progrès De Roche Bois

He, moreover, asserted that children are the best teachers and hence, fostering eco-friendly habits such as waste sorting and wood sculpting among them can create a ripple effect, influencing their parents and others.

As for Mr Vadeevaloo, he indicated that the MPRB, a member of the ANFEN, has been endeavouring in promoting harmony and a sense of togetherness among youngsters.

Highlighting the differential intellectual disparities among students, he underscored the imperativeness of collaborative partnerships with stakeholders in the education sector to foster high-quality and equitable education.

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