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Accidental Fire At Eddy Boissezon’s Residence

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An investigation was initiated at the Pailles police station on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 15, to shed light on a case of “negligent discharge.” A bullet was fired from a revolver by a Special Mobile Force (SMF) police officer, who was acting as a policeman at the home of Eddy Boissezon, the Vice President of the Republic. This 9 mm bullet struck the aluminum door of the guardhouse.  However, this bullet was not found after this incident.

It was around 6:50 pm this Wednesday, March 15, that this incident took place. A 25-year-old SMF constable, who has a year and a half on the force, was performing a check of his Glock revolver loaded with 10 rounds of 9mm. At some point, a bullet was to leave this revolver and strike the aluminum door of the guardhouse where he was standing.

Immediately alerted to the incident, a team of police officers from the Pailles police station went to the scene. The firearm, 9 mm bullets, a magazine and a holster were seized, among others. The officer was taken to the police station for questioning.

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