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Dooshiant Ramluckun, Mamode Isoop Nujurally, Mike Mungur, Rajinee Mootoocaroopen And Devika Teewantee-Pabaroo Are The New Mayors

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Dooshiant Ramluckun is the new mayor of Quatre Bornes. He was elected on Wednesday. The election of the new chief magistrate and his deputy took place in all five municipalities. The new mayor is an MSM councillor. He says that the urban terminal and the relocation of the Quatre-Bornes market will be his priorities. Dooshiant Ramluckhun will have Pamela Ayacanou as his deputy.

Mamode Isoop Nujurally


Mamode Isoop Nujurally is the new Lord Mayor

Wednesday marks the elections for the new mayors and deputy mayors. The ceremony kicked off in Port-Louis. The new Lord Mayor is Mamode Isoop Nujurally. Aurélie Dookhee will act as Deputy Lord-Mayor. The new Lord Mayor recalled spoke of his pride in taking on these new responsibilities. Mamode Isoop Nujurally succeeds Mahfooz Cadersaib. He also stressed the fact that he has been a councillor for some time and that he is fully aware of the difficulty of the task.

Mike Mungur

Mike Mungur, from ML, is the boss of Vacoas/Phoenix

Mike Mungur was elected mayor of Vacoas/Phoenix on Wednesday. He belongs to Ivan Collendavelloo’s Muvman Liberater. He succeeds Praveen Kumar Ramburn.  Mike Mungur will be assisted by Devianee Ramchurn. The Vice-President of the Republic, Eddy Boissezon, was in attendance. Also present were Ivan Collendavelloo, ministers Maneesh Gobin, Joe Lesjongard and Anwar Husnoo, as well as PPS members Gilbert Bablee and Ismael Rawoo.

Rajinee Mootoocaroopen

Rajinee Mootoocaroopen in Beau-Bassin-Rose-Hill

A woman is at the helm of the sister cities. Rajinee Mootoocaroopen succeeds David Utile. The MSM councillor is the new mayor of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill. The election took place at around midday on Wednesday. Jai Krishna Choolun, better known as Mahen, a member of the Muvman Liberater, will act as deputy mayor.

Devika Teewantee-Pabaroo

Devika Teewantee-Pabaroo to run Curepipe

Devika Teewantee-Pabaroo will now oversee Curepipe. She succeeds Hans Marguerite at the helm of the City of Light. The renovation of the Town Hall remains the priority of Devika Teewantee Pabaroo. The new mayor also hopes to build a swimming pool in Curepipe. Samy Chellen remains deputy mayor.

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