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Young Goodlands Resident Arrested For Drug Trafficking

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He was suspected of drug trafficking in Cité Sainte Claire, Goodlands. Following this information and hours of surveillance, police officers from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) in Trou aux Biches arrested Désiré Andriano Raphaël, aged 22, on the afternoon of Tuesday May 30. Andriano Raphaël, who lives in Goodlands, was found with two plastic vials. They contained respectively seventy-three and seventy-four doses of heroin, or 8.96 and 8.98 grams respectively. The drug was valued at Rs 269,100, and a sum of Rs 7225, suspected to be from the sale of the drug, was also found in his possession.

Dany Bonavalee

It was around 4.40pm on the afternoon of Tuesday May 30 that the Adsu team arrived at rue Géranium, cité Sainte Claire, Goodlands. Andriano Raphaël was subjected to a body search. A plastic vial was found in his possession. It contained seventy-three doses of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil. Another vial contained seventy-four doses, or 8.98 grams. A sum of Rs 7225 in various denominations was seized from the suspect’s possession. The suspect was taken to the Adsu office in Grand-Baie for questioning.

Young Goodlands Resident Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Also on Tuesday May 30, police from Adsu de Poudre d’Or raided the home of 48-year-old florist Dany Bonavalee in Grand-Baie. A transparent plastic bag containing thirteen doses of heroin in aluminum foil was seized. Florist Dany Bonavalee was taken to the Adsu office in Poudre d’Or for questioning.

Andriano Raphaël

On Wednesday May 31, the two suspects were brought before the Pamplemousses court on a provisional charge of drug trafficking. They were subsequently held in a cell at the Piton detention center.

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