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Cyclist Killed By 4×4 In Plaine Magnien

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The road claimed yet another victim on Saturday morning 12 August. Tekram Laloo, a 42-year-old resident of Cité Balance, Plaine Magnien, was killed when the bicycle he was riding on the main road in Solitude, Plaine Magnien was hit head-on by a 4×4. The 40-year-old was killed instantly. The vehicle came from Mahebourg and headed towards New Airport Road, Plaine Magnien.

It was 5.15am on Saturday morning 12 August when a team of police officers from the Plaine Magnien police station arrived at the scene of the accident. This was after receiving a request. A bicycle was lying to the left of the road and his bicycle to the right. The man, who was lying on his back, was not breathing. An ambulance from the Emergency Medical Service was called to the scene. The doctor on board was only able to certify that the victim was dead.

The driver of the 4×4 Toyota Hilux, a 26-year-old planter from Mahebourg, told investigators that he was travelling at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour when he suddenly saw the cyclist riding in the middle of the road without a fluorescent waistcoat or reflector on his bicycle. He says he was unable to avoid a collision. At the time of the accident, the road was wet and unlit.

The impact was so violent that the cyclist was thrown several metres.  Tekram Laloo’s body was subsequently taken to the morgue at Victoria Hospital, Candos, for an autopsy. The autopsy, carried out by Prem Chamane, Principal Police Medical Officer, attributed the death to multiple injuries.

The driver of the 4×4 was given a breathalyser test, which came back negative.  He was arrested on a charge of manslaughter. He was subsequently taken to the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) where he was arraigned on a provisional charge.

An investigation has been launched under the supervision of Chief Inspector Ananda Nursimulu to shed light on the exact circumstances of this accident.

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