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Movie: Ajmal Bhoyroo Revisits The Life Of Dr Idrice Goumany

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Director Ajmal Bhoyroo has just released ‘Dr Idrice Goumany’, his first feature film. In it, Ajmal tells the story of the great man Dr Goumany.

Hénry Rotile

We often hear about Dr Idrice Goumany without really knowing much about him. And that’s why Ajmal Bhoyroo decided to make this film: “Like many people in Plaine-Verte, I’ve heard a lot about Dr Goumany without knowing his story. I was impressed when I found out more about him. That’s how I came up with the idea of making this feature-length film about his life and his social work.

Launched on 11 August at the Mciné de Trianon cinema, the director is currently negotiating for the film to be broadcast on MBC: “Negotiations are indeed under way for the film to be broadcast on MBC. I also plan to screen it on giant screens for the residents of Plaine-Verte and the surrounding area.

The director is also working on his next film: “The Tuxedo Soul will be part fiction, part documentary. In this film, I’m going to tell the story of how cigarettes and other addictions have an effect on the soul. If all goes well, the film will be released at the end of 2023.”

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