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Carpenter Falls To His Death

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Not feeling well, he started to climb down from scaffolding when he lost his balance and ended up on the ground at a construction site in Legend Hill, Rivière Noire on Thursday August 24. Jean Christophe Thierry Robert Manuel, a 41-year-old carpenter from Plaisance, Rose Hill, was seriously injured. The forty-year-old was rushed to the Dr Yves Cantin hospital in Rivière Noire. Given the seriousness of his injuries, he was subsequently transferred to the Victoria Hospital in Candos. He has since been admitted to a ward in the intensive care unit and placed on artificial respiration. Thierry Manuel succumbed to his injuries on the evening of Monday August 28. The autopsy attributed his death to intracranial hemorrhage.

At 2 p.m. on Thursday August 24, Thierry Manuel was working on six-foot-high metal scaffolding at the Villa Vingt-Deux construction site in Legend Hill, Rivière-Noire. In a statement made on the evening of the same day, a 55-year-old contractor from Bambous recounts the fateful day. He said he had been told by Thierry Manuel that he wasn’t feeling well. He had started to climb down from the structure to rest, when he lost his balance.

The contractor rushed to him and gave him first aid. The site supervisor, who had been informed, had to transport Thierry Manuel to Rivière Noire hospital. After being seen by a doctor who noted the seriousness of his injury, the carpenter was evacuated to Candos hospital in an ambulance belonging to the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU). The carpenter’s prognosis was life-threatening. He has since been placed on artificial respiration in an intensive care unit. The Rose-Hill resident succumbed to his injuries on the evening of Monday August 28.

The autopsy performed by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department, attributed the cause of death to intracranial hemorrhage.

Thierry Manuel’s funeral took place on Wednesday August 30 at 9.30 am. After the funeral ceremony at the church of Sainte Anne, Stanley, he was laid to rest in the Saint Jean Quatre-Bornes cemetery.

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