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Burglary At Immaculate Conception Church, Port-Louis

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One of the stained glass panes in a window of the Immaculate Conception Church, Port Louis, overlooking Brown Sequard Street, was broken on the night of Tuesday March 19 into the morning of Wednesday March 20. The thieves opened the window to gain access to the interior. They used a ladder to climb up to the window.  They proceeded to the back of the church, i.e. the entrance, to break open a trunk. They took away all the self-financing envelopes and other donations. An inventory is underway to establish how much was taken.

Burglary At Immaculate Conception Church

The discovery was made when the sacristan opened the church early on Wednesday morning, March 20, before 6am. The Casernes Centrales police station was alerted and dispatched a team of officers to the scene. They were joined by their colleagues from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Metropolitan Police’s Southern Division.

Burglary At Immaculate Conception Church Burglary At Immaculate Conception Church

Officers from the Scene Of Crime Office were also dispatched to the scene. Four stones which were obviously used to break the stained glass window were seized as evidence for the investigation. The CID will be tasked with tracking down the perpetrators of this act. Investigators intend to view images from surveillance cameras on rue Jemmapes, which also cover part of rue Brown Sequard, in order to identify the thugs.

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