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Britain Warns Citizens Of Possible Terrorist Attacks In Sweden

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Britain said on Sunday that there might be terrorist attacks in Sweden and so the citizens should not travel to the Scandinavian nation. The warning comes after the government allowed Koran burning by anti-Islam activists which have angered the Muslim community.

Britain’s foreign ministry updated a travel advisory saying that Swedish authorities had been able to avert planned terrorists attacks and even made arrests. The advisory read, “You should be vigilant at this time, terrorists are very likely to try and carry out attacks in Sweden” especially sites most visited by foreigners potential targets.

Sweden’s national security adviser, Henrik Landerholm, reaffirmed the increased dangers to Sweden after the burnings in a statement noting Britain’s revised travel warning.

According to Landerholm, the risk assessment was influenced by the assault of Sweden’s embassy in Iraq on July 19, the attempted attack on its mission in Lebanon on August 9, as well as the shooting of a staff member at a Swedish consulate in Turkey on August 1.

According to Sweden’s free speech laws, it is legal to burn the Koran, although Muslims consider this to be blasphemy.

In its travel advice, the U.S. government has also expressed concern about potential terrorist strikes in Sweden.

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