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Big Brother Titans: Adventure Began In BB House, Nominations And More

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One day into the Big Brother Titans House, the contestants faced their first house nominations. The housemates had little time to get to know each other when they had to nominate each other on the basis of little information.  

The housemates went into the diary room, one at a time, to name two of the other housemates for eviction. 

Who was nominated the most?

  1. IPeleng – Jenni O and Olivia
  2. Blaqboi – Yemi and Yaya
  3. Yaya – Nana and Blaqboi
  4. Ebubu – Justin and Nana
  5. Nelisa – Khosi and Nana
  6. Marvin – Justin and Khosi
  7. Yemi – Olivia and Nana
  8. Khosi – Jaypee and Jenni O
  9. Kanaga Jnr. – Lukay and Olivia
  10. Tsatsii – Nana and Lukay
  11. Olivia – Khosi and Yemi
  12. Justin – Nelisa and Nana
  13. Jaypee – Yemi Cregx and Khosi

14.Thabang – Justin and Nana

  1. Yvonne – Marvin and Tsatsi
  2. Lukay – Olivia and Justin
  3. Nana – Yemi and Jaypee
  4. Juicy J – Nana and Justin
  5. Jenni O – Khosi and Tsatsi
  6. Mmeli – Nana and Kanaga Jnr

The list shows Nana as the most nominated contestant after being voted and put for eviction by 8 housemates.  SA star Justin also received many mentions for eviction. 

This was the first eviction round in the BB Titans house. 

Nana received the most number of nominations, eight. South African Justin was next with five nominations, followed by Khosi, Olivia, Yemi Craigx with four each, Tsatsii, JayPee, Lukay, and Jenni O with two each. A nomination was given to BlaqBoi, Yaya, Kanaga Jr, Marvin, and Nelisa.

Those housemates who did not receive a single nomination were Ipeleng, Yvonne, Ebubu, Juicy Jay, Thabang and Mmeli. 

Biggie announced on 16th January, the second day of the house and the day nominations took place, that the evictions will not be announced until 22nd January, the day the live auction will be shown. 

Head of House announced

The second day turned out to be adventurous as the housemates got their first task. They had to determine the season’s first Head of House. 

The game was divided into two halves. 

The first game involved building six paper airplanes with all 20 housemates. The rule was tossing them as far as possible across the arena’s marked lines.

In teams of ten men and women, they made the paper airplanes and launched them. The top two housemates in each set who performed the best qualified for the games’ second round.

First up were the ladies’ games, and Olivia and Jenni O advanced to the next level. The victors of the second set, Email and Las ukay, advanced to the next stage.

For the second game, a chandelier tossed a dice once for each of the four housemates. At any time during the game, none of the players were allowed to touch or move the dice.

After playing, Mmeli pulled a six, becoming the first Big Brother Titans head of the house. Lukay and Olivia both had five, Jenni O had two, and Mmeli had five.

He gains access to the head of house bedroom and the most sought-after immunity from the week’s eviction as HOH.

He had the option of choosing a female to share a room with, and he picked Ipeleng. Khosi is the first tail of the house for the season, and as punishment, she must wear a tail till the following week.

Big Brother revealed a surprise and instructed the housemates to choose one of their fellow contestants to put up for eviction within the next hour.

The new Head of the house got the veto power to save a nominated housemate and replace the person with an unnominated one.

The nominations began after an hour. 

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