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BBTitans: Royals Won Head of the House Game

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Royals (Ebubu & Tsatsii) won the Head of the House game in week seven in BBTitans house. After they won the game, the rest of the housemates, numbering 16, went to the diary room one by one to nominate their choice of the housemates they want to evict from the house. 

The next live eviction would be broadcasted on March 5, Sunday. However, no eviction took place on 26th February. Now that the Royals have been made Head of the House, they will not be nominated as they hold such privilege, and that has made them safe in the house. Not just being safe from getting nominated and evicted, they also have been given veto power to nominate a pair and replace them with the other. 

This time, there were two stages for the Head of the House challenge. Every roommate took part in the game, with the exception of Yelisa, the current HoH (Yemi & Nelissa). “Drop Ball” was the name of the first game. Housemates had to place a variety of coloured balls into a tube container that was marked with various points. Only the best two housemates advanced to the challenge’s second round after being required to play the game with their pairs simultaneously.

The teams with the greatest points, Blaqleng and Royals, advanced to the next phase. The game of Mark was the last contest. Secret items were put in domes that were placed on tables. The victor of the competition will be the housemates pair who chooses the dome with the HOH’s name underneath it. The Royals picked the right dome on their second attempt. 

Ebubu and Tsastii’s pair has won the Head of the House game for the second time. The following pairs nominated the pairs in the last nomination round. 

Housemates                                                             Housemates Nominated

Kaniva (Kanaga jr and Blue Aiva)                                Juiovla & Khosicle 

Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng)                                    Juiovla & Yelisa 

Juiovla (Juciy Jay and Olivia)                                       Yelisa & Blaqleng 

Khosicle (Khosi and Miracle)                                        Juiovla & Kaniva       

Juvone (Justin and Yvonne)                                         Khosicle & Yelisa 

Yelisa (Yemi and Nelissa)                                            Juiovla & Juvone 

Thabana (Thabang and Nana)                                    Kaniva & Yelisa

Royals (Ebubu & Tsatsii)                                             Juvone & Khosicle

Yelisa and Juiovla have got four nominations each. Khosicle have received three nominations, while Kaniva and Juvone have received two nominations each. 

Following the nomination process, Big Brother summoned the head of the house winner, Royals (Ebubu & Tsatsii), and punished them for interfering with other housemates’ nomination decisions by inquiring which housemates they would like to submit. This behavior is punishable under the rules. They were punished by Big Brother, who took away their veto authority and put them at risk of being eliminated. This has been the first time that any Head of the House has received punishment. 

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