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Cisay: Dallon’s Nippon Invitation

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Cisay is the title of the new single by Mario Potiron aka Dallon. The artist intends to mark 2023 with several compositions.

Back? No! it’s not because we don’t hear him singing, that his pen doesn’t write for others like for Jason Heerah on the title Ingra.

Cisay is moreover the continuation of this piece: “In Ingra I evoked the ingratitude of certain people. Cisay takes up the same concept a little bit.”

Mario Potiron aka Dallon
Mario Potiron aka Dallon

And in terms of melody, Dallon was inspired a lot by the country of the rising sun: “The title actually makes several nods to Japan. First, the word Chiisai means small in Japanese. I chose to spell it in my own way to transform it into Cisay which is much easier to read and pronounce. I was also inspired by the pentatonic scale, which characterizes Japanese music, to compose the music of the title. I invite music lovers to a short trip to Japan. Moreover, the title was realized in Reunion Island. It will be visible on YouTube from January 21.”

In 2023, the artist will offer no less than 5 tracks: “I will release several singles during the year. Most of them will be accompanied by their clips.”

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