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Bangladeshi Worker Falls From Balcony And Ends Up In ICU

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A festive evening turned tragic at a Bangladeshi workers’ dormitory in Tomb Bay. A 31 year old worker fell from the second floor balcony of this building in the early hours of Saturday morning, February 11. Seriously injured, he was transported to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis. After receiving treatment, he was admitted to the surgical ward of the intensive care unit. The thirty-year-old, who is in a coma, was placed under artificial respiration.

It was during a party that this accident took place. The victim, Yadav Ram Raj, who works in a warehouse in Jin Fei, was with his friends to party. The victim, who was drunk, fell from the balcony on the second floor and landed on the asphalt at Carangues Avenue, Tomb Bay. He suffered serious head injuries and was transported to Dr. Jeetoo Hospital. After receiving treatment, he underwent a CT scan and was found to have an intracranial hemorrhage.

The Bangladeshi worker, who is in a coma, was placed on artificial ventilation. His vital prognosis is engaged. His colleagues and friends have been questioned about the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

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