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Attack On Modesty: A Policewoman And A Plastic Surgeon Accuse Each Other

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The Moka Police Station has been asked to investigate a case of indecent assault involving a policewoman assigned to a police station in the South Division and a plastic surgeon. The crime was allegedly committed in a clinic on the afternoon of Friday, April 29. The policewoman filed a complaint on Friday, May 6, while the doctor responded with a statement late Tuesday afternoon, May 10.

In her statement, the policewoman explained in great detail how she ended up at the clinic at about 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 29, to make an appointment after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. She got an appointment for 4 pm the same day for a lipofilling at a cost of Rs 6600. She went to the doctor’s consultation room. The doctor made her sit on a couch, under the pretext of doing his consultation and without her consent, he lifted her top before lowering her bra to caress her breasts. In the late evening of Friday, May 6, the policewoman was examined by Dr. Sheila Jankee-Parsad, Police Medical Officer.

The doctor, who lives in the north of the country, said in his statement that the patient had come for a cosmetic treatment of the face and a lip filling. He said he offered her a rejuvenating facial treatment as a supplement. He stated that during the treatment, the patient allegedly asked him about breast implants. The surgeon then left to get a silicone implant and when he returned, he said he saw his patient’s gown lifted, exposing her breasts. According to this doctor, the young woman pulled it towards her and in this movement, her breasts touched her abdomen. Shocked, he asked the patient to get dressed.

The doctor also added that while he was giving her the lip filling treatment, he mimicked fat to give a small glimpse of the results of the lipofilling and that she took the opportunity to suddenly kiss him on his lips. The doctor claims that he then held her at a distance.

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