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Inauguration Of The Fitness Center At The SICOM Building : PM Asks People To Judge

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The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth was there to inaugurate the new Fitness Centre for civil servants at the SICOM Building 2 in Port Louis. On Wednesday 11 May, the Prime Minister talked about the importance his government gave to health and well-being.  The attention was, however, focused on the various news items. He even called the population to judge those various outbursts from his detractors.

An investment of Rs 6 million

“The government attaches great importance to physical activities and sports for all categories and age groups,” the Prime Minister said at the inauguration, which was also attended by the Youth, Sports and Recreation Minister, Stephan Toussaint, Health Minister, Dr Jagutpal, Gender Equality Minister, Kalpana Devi Koonjoo-Shah, and Civil Services Minister, Vikram Hurdoyal who each spoke about the government’s objective of promoting a sports culture among civil servants and ensuring their overall well-being. The fitness centre represents an investment of Rs 6 million and is meant for about 80,000 civil servants from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

Inauguration of the Fitness Center at the SICOM Building

“A healthy person is more productive and efficient at work, especially when it comes to service delivery,” said the PM. He went on to highlight the alarming prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity among the population, adding that the government is investing heavily in providing citizens with gyms, sports facilities and walking trails, thus facilitating access to regular physical activities.

The dominating news

But during his speech to the press, current affairs took centre stage.  The PM concedes that inflation is rising and is currently at 11%. “But this is not a reason to stop all developments and focus on the difficulties the country is facing. He alluded to the Opposition Leader’s request at the session of Tuesday 10 May to reconsider projects that are not essential. He did not wish to give a sentence on the Motion of No Confidence against the government, indicating that he had not yet intervened and that “I will make my comments after my intervention”, he said.

Inauguration of the Fitness Center at the SICOM Building

On the resignation of Jean Michel Giraud as President and Director of the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC), Pravind Jugnauth hinted that he had learnt the news during a question from the press. The government taking over the Champ de Mars from the MTC has been the source of all this upheaval in the horse racing world. As for his meeting with Ramapatee Gujadhur, the Head of Gujadhur Stables, the PM made it clear that “as agreed between the two parties, the very frank discussions will not be made public”. On the polls on him, he relies on the silent majority to judge. Against his opponents “who claim to be able to lead better, they are politicians with a history of leadership”, the population, aware of the issues, can judge.

Pravind Jugnauth

There are those who talk a lot and do nothing, there is a second category who talk and do the opposite and the third who talk and do, in which he has classified himself. According to him, time will determine this. He also echoed the words of Rama Sithanen, who he said is not his friend, but who agrees that it is Pravind Jugnauth who should remain as Prime Minister. On the other hand, Rama Sithanen also mentioned that Navin Ramgoolam will have to hold the post of the President of the Republic, a fact recalled by a member of the press. Pravind Jugnauth retorted “Right. And who will be Prime Minister?”

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