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Arrested By The Police, She Runs Away From A Moving Vehicle

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A 28-year-old woman gave two police officers from the Trou-Fanfaron police station a hard time when they arrested her late Wednesday afternoon, September 15. She resisted arrest when the officers stopped her as she got off a bus at the Place de l’Immigration in connection with a theft. It was with great difficulty that she was loaded into a police vehicle. As she was being taken to the police station, she jumped out of the moving vehicle and fled. After a chase, she was caught by one of the two police officers.

The reason for this woman’s arrest was a case of theft. A street vendor reported a case of theft, of which he was a victim at around 7:05 pm on Tuesday, September 14. In her complaint made at the end of the afternoon of Wednesday, September 15, she explained that the day he was victim of this case of theft he was at Farquhar Street, Port-Louis near the bus shelter of the UBS. He said he was accosted by a woman, accompanied by three men who asked him for money. When he refused, the woman pulled out a box cutter and took by force a sum of Rs 1500, two boxes of chocolate and prepaid phone cards. The whole is estimated at Rs 3672. This area, he maintained, is covered by surveillance cameras.

It is on the basis of certain information that shortly before 3 pm on Wednesday, September 15, that these two policemen went to the Immigration Place. They patrolled this station, until they found this suspicious woman who was getting off a bus. When questioned and confronted with the facts of the case, the woman was forced to say, “pa mwa sa missie” and attempted to run away in the direction of Farquhar Street, but was quickly stopped and arrested.

The suspect was then placed in a police vehicle and taken to the Trou-Fanfaron police station. As soon as the vehicle started, she opened one of the rear doors and fled in the direction of Farquhar Street. Once again, she was stopped and arrested.

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