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Alan Ganoo: Opposition Leader Should Never Have Used A Report, Whose Authenticity Is In Doubt

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Three members of the government were in front of the press on Friday, i.e., Alan Ganoo, Bobby Hurreeram, and Vikash Nuckcheddy. They commented on several issues but it was the report of Magistrate Vidya Mungroo-Jugurnath, which dominated the interventions.

Former Attorney General, Alan Ganoo wondered how the report was leaked to the press. “Is it a report or an authentic document? Is the report ‘in toto’ or in part? Why and how did the leader of the Opposition, Xavier Luc Duval, present only 10 pages of the report to Parliament? XLD is basing its questions to the Prime Minister on a document that has been circulated and that is not authentic and that has a seal and signature.  The Leader of the Opposition is ecstatic and is acting irresponsibly based on a document. XLD ends up creating confusion,” said Alan Ganoo, who hoped that the DPP would make public the report of the Magistrate to dispel any doubts.

The Minister of Transport also stressed that, as an experienced parliamentarian and former Speaker, he believes that the Leader of the Opposition should never have used this report, whose authenticity is in doubt. “The Leader of the Opposition was irresponsible when he used this document whose source is not known…it is the Leader of the Opposition who is responsible for all the confusion that has been created,” says Alan Ganoo.

Furthermore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs wished that the police would do its investigation with all possible diligence and that the Commissioner of Police would complete his investigation as soon as possible so that the truth would be known.

According to him, the Chief Justice, Rehana Mungly-Gulbul, who is also the Chairperson of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, has the duty to initiate an investigation to shed light on the leakage of the document.

The Minister of National Infrastructures and Community Development, Bobby Hurreeram, has been very scathing towards the Leader of the Mauritius Rally, Nando Bodha. “It is thanks to the MSM that the latter became the secretary general of this party, participated in activities concerning the concretization of alliances and several times, occupied the post of Minister several times, that is to say in 2017 and in 2019′, he added.

Booby Hurreeram deplored the fact that Nando Bodha has become a bait for the MMM Leader, Paul Berenger.

Vikash Nuckcheddy, Member of Parliament for Constituency No. 9 (Flacq / Bon Accueil), also did not mince his words towards the journalists of a private radio station regarding the leakage of contents of the Magistrate’s report. He recalled the case of Sherry Singh and the ‘pen drive’, which supposedly contained information. However, he said, Maharajah’s pen drive was full of viruses.

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