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Zaid Heera Resigned From The Mauritius Meat Authority

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After the Presley Paul case at Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd, now it’s the turn of Zaid Heera, Director of the Mauritius Meat Authority. He too did not have the necessary qualifications for the position. It appears that to occupy the job of Managing Director, you need a master’s degree in agriculture, economics, finance, law, management, or business administration. MP Ehsan Juman was about to ask the Minister for Agro-Industry, Maneesh Gobin, about Zaid Heera nomination. The Labour Party (PTr) MP wanted to know the date of appointment of the Director General and Chairman of the MMA and consequently this will lead to question about Zaid Heera’s academic status. Zaid Heera has no choice but to resign!

Zaid Heera was appointed Chairman of the Authority on 21 September before becoming Managing Director. In Zaid Heera’s case, it was following the death of Bhagwat Daumoo that he was appointed Director General. It is said that an audit is currently being carried out on the academic qualifications of political nominees, i.e., chairmen and directors of government institutions.

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