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Young Motorcyclist Placed On Artificial Ventilation After Accident

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A 19-year-old motorcyclist was thrown onto rocks at the seaside in Mahebourg after his scooter skidded on a curve on the Mahebourg Coastal Road, not far from Emmanuel Anquetil State College. The resident of La Chaux, Mahebourg was admitted to an intensive care unit at Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle where he was placed on life support. His prognosis is vital.

The accident occurred at 4:10 a.m. on Monday, April 24. The teenager was riding his scooter on the Coastal Road of Mahebourg and headed towards Blue Bay. At some point he lost control of the two-wheeled vehicle on a curve before it skidded. The young man was thrown to the seashore on rocks.

It was his cousin, a 28 year old fisherman and also living in La Chaux, Mahebourg who alerted the police of this accident. In less than half an hour, police officers from Mahebourg led by Sergeant Peerally arrived at the scene of the accident. The cousin, an eyewitness, explained to the police the circumstances of the accident. An ambulance from the Emergency Medical Service was called to the scene to transport the injured teenager to the Rose-Belle hospital.

The teenager could not be breathalyzed due to his medical condition. However, a blood test was taken. The cousin’s version of the accident was confirmed after police officers viewed surveillance camera footage from Safe City.

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