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Yogida Sawmynaden Was Allowed To Leave After A Visit At The CCID

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He left the Central Barracks free. Yogida Sawmynaden was not arrested at the end of his interrogation. His lawyers raised a point of law. As a result, he was allowed to leave the Central Barracks free. Another interrogation session is scheduled. To the press, Yogida Sawmynaden said that, as a citizen, he had the duty to answer all questions of authorities. “I am also protected by the Constitution,” he added.

Yesterday morning, there was a new twist in the Constituency Clerk case. Yogida Sawmynaden is currently at the Central Barracks. He has responded to a summons from the CCID. The DPP recommended that the former Trade Minister be charged in this case. The case had been dragging on for some time. An indictment means an arrest beforehand.

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