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Yanky : Joker Cartel Has Nothing Against 666 Armada!

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Joker Cartel is making a big splash with their singles. This musical formation accumulates successes. Meet them.

Ratata, 50 cents, Roulmaté, since three months, Joker Cartel monopolizes all the attentions. Yanic Lafleur of his artist name Yanky, member and leader of the group, is the first to be surprised: “We didn’t expect it at all. But, we are very happy to see that our songs appeal to the general public,” explains the 19 year old from Flacquois.

For Yanky, the success is also based on its structure: “You have to know that Joker Cartel is a collective that includes singers and DJs. We are 8 in total. With all this great people, it was important that everyone had a specific task for the smooth running of the band.”

Joker Cartel - Yanky
Yanky, the leader of Joker Cartel.

Commenting on the rivalry with 666 Armanda, Yanky says that the two groups respect each other now: “It’s true that there was water in the gas between Joker Cartel and the group 666 Armanda. But it started from a misunderstanding. We are not the best friends in the world, but where we meet we greet each other. Joker Cartel has nothing against 666 Armada!  Furthermore, I want to make it clear that Joker Cartel is a music group, not a boxing team. Our priority is to make music, not to fight.

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