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Woman Wanted For Assault On Policewoman

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Marie Virginie Joane Ambolam, a 30-year-old resident of Cité Briquetterie, Sainte-Croix, is actively sought by police on a charge of assaulting a policewoman. The suspect was arrested on Friday August 12 in connection with a theft. However, she was allowed to leave on condition that she return to the Plaine-Verte police station the following day to be presented in court. But Virginie Ambolam never made it to the police station. She was seen at rue SSR, Port-Louis on the evening of Friday September 1 by a policewoman who attempted to arrest her. It was at this precise moment that she violently attacked the 27-year-old policewoman.

In a statement made at the Plaine-Verte police station, where the policewoman is assigned, she explained that she was near Family Pharmacy on rue SSR, Port-Louis, when she saw a woman engaged in begging, accompanied by a small boy. She said she recognized her as a suspect who had been arrested in a theft case on Friday August 12, but was due to appear in court the following day. She had been paroled but failed to appear for this procedure.

The Sainte-Croix resident was informed of the case and that she would be arrested but resisted. The Plaine-Verte police station was informed to send reinforcements. But before her colleagues arrived, she was surrounded by a hostile crowd. During a struggle with the suspect, the latter had to inflict blows with her left elbow to the stomach. Virginie Ambolam managed to escape in the direction of Port-Louis town hall before other police officers arrived.

The policewoman, who was hit in the stomach and felt pain, was taken to the Dr A.G.Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis with a form 58 for treatment.

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