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With The Complicity Of A Cashier A Couple Embezzles Rs 13,150 From Intermart Supermarket

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A couple from Stanley, Rose-Hill found themselves behind bars for being the accomplices of a cashier at the Intermart supermarket in Beau Bassin in embezzling items worth Rs 13,150 75. The 26-year-old cashier also lives in Stanley, Rose Hill. She failed to scan several items that the couple had in their trolley on the evening of Thursday March 28.

It was an operator working in the control room of this supermarket at around 7.45pm on the evening of Thursday March 28 who caught the cashier intentionally failing to scan several of the couple’s items. This operator immediately alerted the head cashier and security officers. They went to the checkout in question.

All unscanned items were seized for investigation and photographic purposes. The cashier and the customer were placed in a cell at the Sodnac police station. The customer’s 38-year-old husband was detained at Coromandel police station.

The three suspects were brought before the Rose Hill Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning, March 29, on a provisional charge of theft.

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