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WHO Country Office Presents Programme Budget 2024-2025 For Mauritius

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The World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office presented, yesterday, its Programme Budget 2024-2025 for Mauritius to the Officers of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, in the presence of the sector-specific Minister, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, and the WHO Country Representative in Mauritius, Dr (Mrs) Anne Marie Ancia, in Port Louis. The presentation was followed by a signature ceremony regarding this official document between the two stakeholders.

WHO Country Representative in Mauritius, Dr (Mrs) Anne Marie Ancia with Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal
WHO Country Representative in Mauritius, Dr (Mrs) Anne Marie Ancia with Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal

In a statement after the presentation, both Dr Jagutpal and Dr Ancia outlined that the Programme Budget 2024-2025 has been developed around four pillars, namely: achieving universal health coverage, addressing health emergencies, promoting a healthier population and, promoting data and innovation.

Highlighting that the purpose of these pillars is to help focus resources and analyse which factors and sectors need to be prioritised, the Health Minister underscored the significance of this document for the health sector and the Government in determining strategies and well-targeted goals for its citizens. “It will support us in becoming more efficient in our service delivery and will assist all medical stakeholders and personnel to understand the amount of work that has been completed and what is left,” he noted.

Dr Jagutpal further evoked that this official document outlines how the budget of some Rs 1.9 million can be allocated to different areas, such as the provision of services, challenges faced during the service, and how to tackle these. He thus expressed gratitude to the WHO which, according to him, has done an outstanding job for his Ministry.

The Minister also announced the launching of upcoming application “MoBienet”, a Mobile Application developed to promote healthy lifestyles and allow for assessment of health

facilities under the Score Card Tool.

Dr Ancia, for her part, elaborated on the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the WHO regarding several projects, and on the significance of being able to build on the results that have been achieved over the last two years and use them for the welfare of the population.

Moreover, she spoke on the necessity to clearly define priorities for the coming two years, reiterating the support of the WHO in filtering activities that are more important to work on. “We are also looking at the allocation of available resources to achieve results and reach objectives set so that the population can enjoy better access to quality healthcare,” Dr Ancia stated.

Emphasizing the need to collaborate to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to health, the WHO Representative also cautioned against the movement of people and property in and out of the country, claiming that they are potential means of pathology circulation.

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