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US Warns Of A Ban On Iran Air In Europe If Tehran Delivers Ballistic Missiles To Russia

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If Iran moves on with the transfer of close-range ballistic missiles to Russia, the G7 countries are ready to retaliate with harsh new penalties, which may include a ban on Iran Air flights to Europe, a senior US official stated on Friday.

The diplomat made his remarks as the US and its six G7 allies issued a statement cautioning Iran not to deliver missiles to Russia or face penalties.

“Were Iran to proceed with providing ballistic missiles or related technology to Russia, we are prepared to respond swiftly and in a coordinated manner, including with new and significant measures against Iran,” the G7 statement said.

When it comes to Iran’s suspected hacking of US infrastructure and its support of militias in the region that are attacking US bases, Washington views Iran’s actions as belligerent, and Washington has been reacting to these actions with greater vigor.

The G7 decision was made in response to Reuter’s story claiming that Russia had received numerous potent surface-to-surface ballistic missiles from Tehran to employ in its invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking under anonymity, the senior US source stated that one of the G7’s options “would have the effect of ending flights from Iran Air, its flagship state-owned carrier into Europe – point being, this is not business as usual.”

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