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The Amount Of Pensions Revised Upwards For The Different Age Groups…

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This represents an additional budget of Rs 2.3 billion per month. April will see a significant increase in the amount of pensions. Under the new scale, people aged 60 to 64 will now receive Rs 13,500, while those aged 65 to 74 will receive Rs 14,500. The pension will be Rs 16,000 for pensioners aged between 75 and 89 and Rs 23,710 for those aged between 90 and 99. Centenarians will receive a monthly sum of Rs 28,710. The revision of the pension amounts was announced yesterday afternoon by the Minister for Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity, Fazila Jeewa Daureeawoo.

Minister Jeewa-Daureeawoo highlighted that since 2014, Government made significant efforts to enhance social benefits for vulnerable segments of the population, including disabled individuals, orphans, widows, and the elderly. She, therefore, emphasised the importance of balancing economic development with social welfare, and stressed that a well-functioning country must prioritise both aspects equally.

Pensions Revised - Fazila Jeewa Daureeawoo

Furthermore, she dwelt on Government initiatives aiming at honouring the contributions of elders and ensuring their well-being. For instance, widows and orphans are now eligible for a monthly pension of Rs 13,500, which is a proactive step towards social support, she underlined. The Minister also revealed an increased budget allocation of Rs 51.1 billion for social security, with a significant portion (Rs 2.3 billion) dedicated to pension disbursements. These measures, she added, are in line with Government’s broader objective of fostering a just and equitable society for all citizens.

She also underscored the Prime Minister’s ongoing commitment to bolstering the security and autonomy of citizens, with a focus on fostering financial independence and creating an inclusive society conducive to national prosperity.

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