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Two Members Of A Family Stabbed In Morcellement Manna, Tranquebar

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“Sa mem kouto monn servi missie”. This is the statement made by Joseph Bruno John, a 33 year old mason upon the arrival of a police officer in Morcellement Manna, Tranquebar on the evening of Thursday, April 13. Earlier the Pope Hennessy Police Station, Port-Louis had received a request concerning two members of a family who were assaulted with a knife. One of the two victims was admitted to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis. The alleged perpetrator in this case, Bruno John, was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault.

It was around 10:15 pm on the evening of Thursday, April 13 that a team of police officers went to Manna Morcellement, Tranquebar. A little earlier they received a request concerning a case of assault with a knife. Arriving on the scene, these police officers were to find the personnel of an ambulance of the Emergency Medical Service who was providing care to a 29-year-old man. The man had a gash on his lower back.

Bruno John, who had a cut on the left side of his neck and another on his right elbow, was holding a knife in his hand. The blade was partially rusted and had a blood stain on it. He approached a police officer and voluntarily handed over the knife saying, “Sa mem kouto monn servi missie”.

Another man aged 43 had a wound on his left shoulder and another on the top of his right hand. Bruno John was taken to the hospital for treatment by police officers from the Pope Hennessy Police Station. The 40 year old man was taken to the hospital by officers from the Emergency Response Service. The suspect and the injured man were later released from the hospital. Bruno John was taken into custody at Pope Hennessy Station. The 30-year-old with the lower back injury was admitted to the ward. His condition is considered stable.

Bruno John was brought before the Port-Louis court this Friday morning, April 14, before being taken back to the police cell.

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