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The MMM Will Also Challenge The Postponement Of The Municipal Elections

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At a press conference on Saturday, Paul Bérenger announced that the MMM would also be filing a constitutional complaint to challenge the postponement of the municipal elections following the adoption of the new Local Government Act. “Everyone unanimously condemns the third postponement of these elections,” he said. Referring to the case of Trinidad and Tobago, Paul Bérenger recalled that the case took a total of 6 months to reach the Privy Council and obtain a ruling. He indicated that at this stage, there are four challenges before the courts. In three cases, the same leading counsel has been appointed, namely Antoine Domingue. In the fourth case, Sanjay Bhuckory is leading counsel. “I think that the three cases will be grouped together by the Supreme Court further down the line”, he said. And he announced that the MMM had also decided to file a constitutional complaint. “It will be in the same vein as Rajen Valayden and Ashley Ramdass. In this case too, Mr Domingue has agreed to act as leading counsel”, he declared. He added that he and Veda Baloomoody had already met with the lawyer on the subject.

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