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The Japanese Embassy Hands Over Medical Equipment To The Ministry Of Health And Wellness

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A handing over ceremony of five Thermography Cameras and two Negative Pressure Booths donated by the Japanese Embassy in Mauritius to the Ministry of Health and Wellness was held, today, at the seat of the Ministry in Port-Louis.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, and the Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, Mr Shuichiro Kawaguchi, were present.

In his address, Minister Jagutpal highlighted the ever growing and much coveted relationship binding Mauritius and Japan. The collaboration and support of the Japanese Government to Mauritius is a cross cutting one, he said. The Health Minister underlined that the Japan’s Grant Aid, under the Economic and Social Development Programme in the context of COVID-19 measures has provided Mauritius with the possibility of receiving medical equipment worth some Rs 115 million.

Shuichiro Kawaguchi - Kailesh Jagutpal

He recalled that five Thermography machines have already been delivered in the Health Centres. These tools, he added, will facilitate the detection of muscular, skeletal, and vascular problems in patients and will facilitate the monitoring of injury and chronic diseases. Furthermore, he pointed out that the Japanese Government has donated two Negative Pressure Booths which are essential in the management of patients with infectious respiratory diseases.

Dr Jagutpal also informed that the Ministry of Health and Wellness is in the process of finalising the reception of two portable ultrasound scanners, two blood gas analysers, one angiography system, and one radiography system. He rejoiced that such equipment will greatly help the Ministry in the management of patients.

Furthermore, the Health Minister pointed out that the Japanese Government, has provided the Ministry with a state-of-the-art mammography equipment which has been installed and is already operational at Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital. The Japanese Embassy is also providing a grant contract to allow for the installation of a Digital Mammography equipment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Rodrigues, he said. According to him, this major boost in the health services will allow some 12,000 women in Rodrigues to avail of early screening without the need to travel to Mauritius.

Shuichiro Kawaguchi - Kailesh Jagutpal

Dr Jagutpal expressed gratitude to the Japanese Government for their support in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that Japan is among those countries friendly to our nation who have shown their sense of philanthropy and humanity in challenging times. He recalled that the setting up of the COVID-19 Testing Centre at the Victoria Hospital was rendered possible thanks to the concerted efforts of the Japanese Embassy in Mauritius and the United Nations Development Programme. Japan, he added, has also been instrumental in the setting up of the Laboratory Information Management System which is fully functional across the country and which will soon be scaled up to a National Laboratory Information Management System.

As for the Ambassador of Japan, Mr Shuichiro Kawaguchi, he underpinned that Japan is strengthening the health system of countries in need since the outbreak of COVID-19. He indicated that Japan has decided to grant 300 million Japanese Yen to the Government of Mauritius to procure medical equipment so as to reinforce the country’s management of the pandemic. He highlighted that Japan’s commitment to support Mauritius is genuine and firm while adding that the equipment donated will help Mauritius enhance its prevention capabilities and curb possible spread of the COVID-19 and other viruses.

He underscored that there is other medical equipment such as the Portable Ultrasound Scanner, Blood Gas Analyser, Radiography System and Angiography System which are still under the procurement process.

He stated that Japan and Mauritius share strong diplomatic relations with several exchanges of agreements to boost cooperation. The present ceremony, he said, represents another milestone in the longstanding and dynamic relationship that the two countries share.

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