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Thalassemia And Sickle Cell Disease: New Initiatives To Improve Patient Care

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The Ministry of Health is currently recruiting a hematologist to set up a hematology reference center. The aim is to improve care for patients suffering from hereditary blood disorders, including thalassemia. In addition, this initiative will enable more local hematologists to be trained in the near future in order to strengthen skills in this field.

Addressing the audience at the workshop, Minister Kailesh Jagutpal announced positive steps to better meet the needs of patients requiring blood transfusions. The workshop was held yesterday, Thursday April 18, at the Hotel Voilà in Bagatelle, in collaboration with the Thalassemia Society of Mauritius.

Workshop by Thalassemia Society of Mauritius

The Minister highlighted key points, including the simplification of access to care and the establishment of day-care centers in four regional hospitals to facilitate blood transfusions. He added that a day-care center is being set up at Flacq Hospital and should be operational within the next few months.

The Minister of Health also highlighted the importance of iron chelators in the management of thalassemia. These chelators help prevent the excessive accumulation of iron associated with frequent transfusions in thalassemia patients. The Ministry therefore regularly supplies these chelators in the form of tablets or intravenous injections. The Minister encouraged doctors to share this information with their colleagues to ensure that treatments follow the appropriate clinical guidelines and protocols.

Workshop by Thalassemia Society of Mauritius

In addition, Dr Jagutpal pointed out that the MRI at the new cancer center can measure cardiac iron overload, helping doctors to monitor this aspect in patients. He added that the MRI currently being acquired at Flacq Hospital will also include this iron measurement feature.

Ms. Vayid, President of the Thalassemia Society of Mauritius, highlighted the NGO’s efforts, explaining that its mission is to raise awareness of the disease among Mauritians and improve the quality of life of people affected by thalassemia and other hemoglobinopathies, thanks to the collaboration of various partners. She took the opportunity to present several of the company’s successful projects aimed at improving patient well-being.

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