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The Festival Of Raksha Bandhan: Learn About Its History & Significance

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The bond that a brother and sister have is definitely a special and endearing one. The Hindu community celebrates the festival of Raksha Bandhan every year with much vigour and fervour.

On this festival day, sisters tie rakhis (a sacred thread) in knot around their brothers’ wrist. This symbolizes her love for him, while seeking protection in return.

There is no precise origin for the story but many tales and myths are recanted over the origins of this festival.

One of the tales describes a bond of trust between King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi. After defeating Vishnu thrice, Bali confined Vishnu to his house. But Lakshmi, to get her husband back, tied a thread around King Bali’s wrist and in return asked him to mark this bond of compassion and faith. King Bali couldn’t refuse and was forced to return Lord Vishnu to her.

Another tales says Lord Krishna suffered a cut to his finger once while flying a kite. Witnessing this, Draupadi ran towards him, tore a piece of cloth from her sari and covered his bleeding finger with it by tying it. Lord Krishna was extremely pleased by what she did and in return, promised to protect her from all evil thereafter. Later, as mythology says, he protected her from the wrath of the Kauravas.

Raksha Bandhan falls on the last day of the Hindu calendar month of Shraavana. In Sanskrit, the expression literally signifies “bond of protection, obligation or care”. This year the festival is being celebrated on August 11 2022.

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