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Technician Arrested For Shoplifting

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Thanks to surveillance camera footage from inside a store in the Salaffa arcade, Curepipe, the Curepipe Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was able to nab a suspected thief on the morning of Wednesday October 26. The suspect, Mohammad Shezad Noor Jahally, a 22-year-old technician from Rivière Sèche, Floréal, soon confessed to stealing a cell phone from the cash counter. Under intense interrogation, he also had to recount two other thefts for which he was the perpetrator.

This case dates back to Monday, October 16. A 44-year-old saleswoman working in this store in Arcade Salaffa, Curepipe, explained in her statement that at around 2.10pm that day, she had left the store to go to another store of the same name in Arcade Salaffa to pick up a pair of sports shoes for a customer. She said she had placed her black Samsung Galaxy A23 cell phone on the checkout counter.

About ten minutes after her return, to her astonishment, she found that her phone was gone. Immediately, she viewed the images from the store’s surveillance cameras. At 2 p.m., the phone had been taken by someone making the rounds inside the store.

A field investigation by men from Curepipe’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) led to the arrest of Shezad Jahally on Wednesday October 26. The suspect was arrested and brought before the Curepipe Magistrates’ Court on the same day on a provisional charge of theft. He was subsequently kept in a cell.

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